This year Camp New Heights is thrilled to partner with internationally recognized expert and psychotherapist Eliza Kingsford. Eliza is passionate about helping youth develop a healthy body image and relationship with food and will be providing clinical direction to Camp New Heights.


Eliza Kingsford is the preeminent voice in the youth wellness, nutrition, and weight loss space. She has spent years cultivating her unique clinical  approach to working with kids that facilitates lasting change. Eliza has many years of experience in the camp industry through her extensive work at Wellspring Camps and as the founder of Empowered Wellness. 

Eliza is a licensed psychotherapist trained in clinical psychology, Neuro Emotional Technique [NET], and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) methodologies. Her book Brain-Powered Weight Loss is a best seller and highlights the mind-body connection for when, why and how we choose food. She has trained hundreds of clinicians in her field and is regularly tapped to speak on topics like the science of behavior change, healthy body image, weight management techniques and more. 

"My superpower is quickly and accurately getting to the root of what is holding you back from all that you want in relation to your weight and your body.  I can see obstacles clearly and can quickly decipher what tools you'll need to be able to overcome them; giving you tangible, sustainable solutions towards living in a body you love - permanently."

Eliza's services will be offered at the following rates: 

2 Weeks: $500

4 Weeks: $1000

6 Weeks: $1500

Please note that these services are an add-on feature and is not required to sign up for camp. If you wish to not pursue Eliza's behavior and nutrition training, simply leave the checkbox unmarked during registration. 


Eliza Kingsford

Behavior and Nutrition Coach