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Intermediate Program

An Amazing Summer with a Lifelong Impact

Our intermediate track is for those athletes who have some experience with organized sports. This experience can range from club, junior varsity, etc... These athletes have the athletic background, but perhaps lack the skills and knowledge to work on their game outside of the season or outside of the confines off the field/gymnasium. These athletes may struggle with their weight, diet choices, or staying in game shape year round. Our intermediate athletes may also be athletes who want to go from making the team to making the starting lineup. 

These athletes will develop skills to train year round and how to maximize their potential by utilizing our strength and conditioning program, nutritional information, physiology, and specialized skill training. These campers will leave camp not only in the best shape and ready to crush their upcoming season, but will have the skills and tools to construct and lead their own workouts while fueling properly with sharp nutritional skills to maximize their training and recovery. 


In addition to all of the amazing opportunities for intermediate athletes, these campers also have access to our SAT prep classes. The classes are offered Tuesday (Math), Thursday (Verbal), and Sunday (Practice Test). 

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