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Camp New Heights is the Ultimate Gift

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, or any other occasion for a gift, Camp New Heights is the ultimate gift. Are we a bit bias in that assessment? Sure, but allow me to make the case.

Countless magazine editorials have opined about the difference between material objects vs. experiences. Most articles conclude with the value of the experience being far superior to that of the tangible object. We couldn't agree more with this assessment. Camp New Heights is an experience, but it's far more than simply a destination. The Camp New Heights experience provides the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, friends, and change a camper's outlook for the rest of their life.

Camp is a place where community is created and cultivated. Campers attend school during the year and form friendships with their classmates that they spend 8 hours on/off throughout the school day. At camp, campers are spending 16 hours a day with each other. This extended exposure provides for the bonds to be harden exponentially. The camaraderie between campers is tangible, you can see it everyday at camp. Campers encourage each other, push each other to new heights, and provide support. The relationships formed at Camp New Heights are built to withstand the test of time. Don't be surprised if your roommate or suitemate from Camp New Heights becomes a networking opportunity ten years down the line.

Camp New Heights is not a one-dimensional experience. In two weeks of camp you'll get extensive strength and conditioning training, lots of group and team activities, 10 hours of sports and human performance training, and 15 hours of specialized coursework. All of the previously mentioned assets are obtained within the first four periods of each day. In addition to the aforementioned experiences, you'll also get so much more. You'll also get weekly excursions (ziplining, stand-up paddleboarding, camping, water park trips, and more), nightly team building/bonding experiences, SAT prep (for high school students), trips to the beach, etc.

Nutrition is something kids don't think about a lot until they are confronted about it. At Camp New Heights, we're here to start that conversation. Whether a camper is beginning their athletic journey or is a seasoned athlete, the conversation about nutrition is paramount. Our program starts the conversation and provides the input to help give campers direction in their nutrition choices. It's super important to understand that Camp New Heights is not a calorie restricted program, it's an empowerment program designed to help give our campers the tools to make smart and informed decisions about how they fuel their bodies. Upon return home, most of our parents rave about how kids are excited to go grocery shopping, help prepare meals, and start the nutrition conversation with their friends, family, and community.

One word: Independence. Campers leave Camp New Heights with a plethora of skills and confidence that have our parents raving about maturity and independence. Whether it's the camper being able to lead a workout or prepare a meal by themselves, the maturation process a camper experiences runs directly parallel to their experiences at camp. The exposure to the workouts, the grocery store challenges, the cooking challenges, etc... are all experiences that help build up a campers self-confidence to be able to execute these tasks without self-doubt or dependence on someone else.

Price? The elephant in the room, but let's take a chance to talk about it. Firstly, we believe our program provides incredible value for what each camper receives. According to Angie, a personal trainer costs an average $80-$120 per one hour session. So that would mean that just periods one through four alone for a two-week session would be between $2880-$4320. Take into account excursions between $75-$200 with transportation, that's another $150-$400 per two week session. We have forgotten about meals, people have to eat. Three meals a day at $11 per meal, that's $440 for a two week session. Lodging is paid on pretty much any destination vacation, so let's assess that cost. According to Trivago, the cost of the cheapest hotel (Motel 6) during the first two week stay of camp (June 21st-July 5) in Santa Barbara is $150/night. So the two-week cost of staying in Santa Barbara at the Motel 6 would be $2100. A one-hour consultation with a nutritionist is typically between $100-$200. Here's where we need to get creative, entertainment cost. We'll use the movie theater cost as a standard for two hours of entertainment. A two-hour movie on average costs approximately $15-20. So the three hours of entertainment per night, which is split up between nighttime activity and structured free time, can be observed at a rate of $22.50-$30. These activities occur everyday, so a two week cost would be $315-$420. I'm sure there are other costs (transportation, snacks, guidance, etc...), but let's take a look at the total value of a two week session. On the low end of all of the combined expenses would be $5985 and on the high end would be $7880. That means that our two week program is providing a savings of $2986 on the low end and $4881 on the high end. Plus, let's not neglect the fact that we have a current promotion to save throughout December, which makes the savings that much greater.

Our camper parents have spoken:

"Camp New Heights has been a revelation for my daughter. The campers are always engaged in any number of activities. The camp continues to innovate each year and their addition of SAT prep was great. My daughter is not only gaining valuable knowledge on exercise and nutrition, but she's also getting great prep for the SAT/ACT. Every year my daughter gets excited to return to camp and jump right into the university setting, which has helped her realize what it is like to be living in a college dorm and prepared her for the college life. The staff are great and truly care about the well/being of each camper. I simply can't recommend Camp New Heights enough."  

- Patricia P 

" My two daughters (10 and 16) spent 2 weeks at Camp New Heights this past summer and they had a wonderful experience. My daughters were a little nervous going in (one actually told me straight up no she is not going), but within hours of arrival they were having a blast and at the end they didn't want to leave. The program was adapted and customized to meet their needs. The girls got to experience a plethora of new activities and were exposed to an abundant amount of information about nutrition, physiology, and life skills to bring home with them. Both girls loved their classes, counselors, and especially the weekend excursions. The camping excursion was such a great experience for the girls to get out and have a wonderfully structured outdoor adventure like they never had before. The camp was such a great experience that we intend on sending both girls back next summer. My daughters went from being skeptical about attending to begging us to stay longer and return next summer. I would recommend this camp to all parents, the experience is multifaceted and offers so many opportunities for kids to grow and thrive at camp and after returning home. Most importantly my daughters self esteem went up tremendously after the camp, they even seemed to be happier, more active and more open to physical activities after the camp comparing their lifestyle before. It's like they now stay active with intention and deeper understanding how important it is. It's a healthy life style lesson that they had though fun and group of people that made it feel like a family..."

-Elena C

"My family and I want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have developed your CNH program and convey strong caring character when running your program.  My son attended your program the summer of 2019 for 4 weeks.  Once he returned we asked him, "how did you like it?"...he stated one word AWESOME and immediately followed with I want to do it next year.  We all experience his great motivation, his knowledge of good eating practices, and understanding workout regiments. Great staff, great activities, great practices on there SATs and just building memories and new friends.  Thank you all staff members at CNH.  Oh yeah, great daily pictures emailed to parents of the campers' great times and activities."

-Jesse R

We're excited for summer 2020 and we can't wait to meet all of our campers. We hope you'll join us for a transformative summer. Gifting Camp New Heights is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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