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Advanced Program

Give Yourself an Edge While Having The Time of Your Life

Our advanced campers come to camp having experience playing organized sports. These athletes are looking to prepare for their upcoming seasons by training and refining their skills with our Director of Sports and Human Performance. The director has worked with athletes that range from middle school all the way to professional athletes. This program will work extensively with each athlete to refine their strength, speed, agility, and mental acuity to handle the rigors of varsity sports. 

Advanced campers work in the weight room, fields, track along with pool recovery. In addition to the regular schedule there is also an optional class in Sports and Human Performance which advanced campers can sign up for additional training maximizing the most of the daily schedule.

Advanced campers have maximum exposure to our Sports and Human Performance Director and work in the areas of speed, strength, agility, and mental preparedness to pursue the highest level of school athletics. 

Not only will the advanced campers work with an elite nationally recognized professional they will also gain vast amounts of information via nutrition classes, pre-meal nutritional breakdowns/mapping, smart grocery shopping, cooking classes and access to our SAT prep classes.

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