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About the Camp

Where is Camp New Heights located?

  • Camp New Heights is located in Santa Barbara at the beautiful University of California, Santa Barbara campus. Campers will reside in the official Santa Catalina Dormitories and utilize collegiate level facilities.

Are there residential and day camp options?

  • Yes, we offer both residential and day camp options. Please note that day camp is from 8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Fri and includes lunch only. Please be sure to select the correct session at registration. 


What is the duration of the camp?

  • The shortest duration is two weeks and the full summer program consists of six exciting weeks of activity. Regardless of your camper’s skill level, they have the ability to reach new heights. Campers will be taught life-lessons and skills that they can take home so they can enjoy continued growth of the foundation they have built while at Camp New Heights


What is the counselor to camper ratio?

  • We believe in building an extremely tight knit community, so we employ a 5:1 camper to staff ratio. 


Who are your counselors?

  • The staff at Camp New Heights are either certified teachers or specialize in the field that they will be facilitating. ALL of our staff have been through background checks.  

What if I don't live near Santa Barbara, CA?

  • Camp New Heights offers airport transportation from LAX and SBA. A staff member will meet your child at the terminal and bring them to camp. Over the years of operation we have had campers from all over the United States as well as campers from Europe and Asia.

Is Camp New Heights a "Fat Camp"?

  • We are by no means a "fat camp", We believe terms like "fat camp" are outdated and archaic. Camps that still utilize the term "fat camp" are showing disregard for the true health and well-being of their campers. We are a fitness and nutrition camp that offers a specialized curriculum for each camper's needs. We have some campers who come to camp looking to lose weight, others who want to increase their physical capabilities to help them make a school or rec sports team, and sometimes campers who are attempting to achieve both objectives. We cast a large net at Camp New Heights and while we will not be boxed in by outdated terms, we welcome any new campers who are looking to manage/lose weight in a healthy way. Camp New Heights offers far more than simply weight loss and we have several divisions to meet the needs of our diverse camper population.

Is Camp New Heights LGBTQ+ friendly? 

  • Yes, we pride ourselves on being inclusive for all. We want our campers to be able to be themselves and ultimately have a great summer camp experience. 

What are the pickup/drop-off times for camp this year


6/23: 11:00am-1:00pm 

6/30: 11:00am-1:00pm 

7/7: 11:00am-1:00pm

7/14: 1:00-3:00pm (Delayed due to returning from the camping trip)

7/14: Parent Visiting Day Starting at 11:00am

7/21: 11:00am-1:00pm 

7/28: 11:00am-1:00pm


 7/7: Prior to Noon

7/14: Prior to Noon (Delayed due to returning from the camping trip)

7/21: Prior to Noon

7/28: Prior to Noon

8/3: Prior to Noon

About the Program

How will my camper be grouped with the other campers? Will they be separated by age or performance?

  • Campers will be grouped by ages and abilities for the group activities. The elective courses will depend on the size of the group that signs up and could be mixed ages.


Will male and female campers be separate while at camp?

  • For daytime activities and excursions, campers will mixed together. However, we will have separate sleeping quarters and dorms for male and female campers. All male campers will be together regardless of age, and likewise for female campers. Staff rooms are located in between the male and female camper rooms throughout the floor. 


How are the dorm rooms set up?

  • Each suite consists of two bedrooms (4 single beds) separated by one shared bathroom. Rooms are furnished with two single beds, desks, desk chair, small chest of drawers, a closet with hangers. Rooms do not have telephones, televisions, radios or clocks. Guests may wish to bring a reading lamp. Each dorm room will be separated between male and female campers. Campers also have access to a recreational room with pool tables, ping pong tables, foosball table, air hockey tables, and television. All floors have elevator access. The dorm has a communal laundry facility in the basement. 


How are meals provided during the camp and during excursions?

  • Camp New Heights provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal is prepared and served by the university's dining staff and reviewed by our nutritionist. Our nutritionist will be able to tailor males and suggestions to each camper and their specific needs. The nutritionist will discuss before each meal how to make healthy choices and the ability to eat what you want in moderation. The nutritionist oversees a grocery store challenge that will set up each weekend's cooking classes about learning how to prepare easy meals once home to keep up with the new lifestyle. On excursions lunch will be provided and breakfast/Dinner will be at the dorm.


What if my child has dietary restrictions?

  • Our staff will be working with the UCSB facilities team to make sure any restrictions or food allergies are addressed.


Are snacks allowed?

  • Based on potential allergies with other campers we request that food be kept to the cafeterias only. Campers are always encouraged to carry out fruit from each meal.

What is the nutritional philosophy of Camp New Heights? 

  • The goal of Camp New Heights is to provide our campers with the skills and tools to build a sustainable diet upon returning home from camp. We are not in the business of making negative associations with certain foods, we're interested in building the most nutritionally robust plates at every meal. We're focused on building our meals with the appropriate micro and macro-nutrients to fuel our daily activities. We typically build around a protein source and add vegetables to supplement our micro-nutrients for our first plate. After sitting and consuming our first plate, we wait 25 minutes to allow our body's hormonal response to let us know if we're still hungry or not. After the 25 minutes campers are allowed to build a second plate. We allow one dessert per day, which is picked at the camper's discretion. Our goal is not to make things off limits, but to understand moderation and the decision making process for everything we put into our bodies.

Do campers consume soda or juice at camp?

  • Campers and staff members do not consume soda and juices at meals, campers may consume water, tea, and seltzer water. 

What is the grocery store/cooking challenge?

  • Each Sunday campers are split into teams and assigned a piece of that day's lunch (appetizer, main course, dessert). The team's then research healthy recipes and ingredients needed to prepare their portion of that day's lunch. Using the guidance of the nutritionist and the information from the nutrition class that proceeds the challenge, campers will assemble a shopping list. Campers will then be taken to the local grocery store and will pick out their items with their team. While collecting items, campers will learn to read and understand nutrition labels, comparative shop, and look for key ingredients in various goods. Upon returning from the grocery store, campers will now work with their teams to prepare their food items for the entire group. Whether it's baking, grilling, cutting, or carving, the camper's get their hands dirty in the kitchen preparing a delicious lunch for all of the campers. The Sunday cooking challenge is the stuff of legends, campers look forward to the cooking challenge each week. Camper's families will notice that upon a return home, campers have taken an interest in helping with grocery shopping and preparing meals.


What is your laundry service?

  • On Sunday the campers will be able to use the on-site facilities at the dorm. Detergent will be provided unless a special one is needed for the campers. That will need to be provided by the family. The cost of washers and dryers will be subtracted from the dorm/medical fee. 


If my camper signs up for two weeks, can he/she extend the number of weeks?

  • Absolutely, we are very flexible and will work with you


How are excursions chaperoned?

  • Our Staff will be on each trip with the campers supervising and facilitating all activities 


How will progress be benchmarked?

  • We believe that progress is determined by the camper. We do not force our campers to participate in weigh-ins, measurements, or physical tests. We want the campers to reflect on their performance and not only how the tasks have become easier, but also how they feel while completing their daily activities. We want campers to connect the dots of performance and through this self-reflection, we believe the true intrinsic motivation towards health and wellness is born. 


What airport do we fly in and out of?

  • Please have campers fly in and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Santa Barbara Airport (SBA). Please aim to have arrivals between the hours of 9am-1pm and departures between 10:00am-1:00pm. 


What is the transportation to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)?

  • Camp New Heights will provide shuttle service from LAX to UC Santa Barbara at a cost of $90 per camper per way.

What is the Counselor in Training (CIT) program?

  • The CIT program is in its first year this year (2023). We piloted the program last year using a single camper and it was tremendously successful. The Counselor in Training program is designed to give former campers a chance to attend camp while simultaneously gaining leadership and job skills/training. In order to be eligible for a CIT position, a camper must be 17 years old and have attended Camp New Heights the previous year for a minimum of four weeks. CIT's will attend either four or six weeks in 2023. The CIT program is through application only available HERE.

About the Activities

What activities will Camp New Heights have?

  • Activities will be coordinated into two groups: Group Activities and Elective Activities:

    • Group Activities:

      • All campers will work together in their groups during the first period (strength and conditioning) and second period (group/team sport or extra work) activities. 

    • 3rd Period Electives: Sports and Human Performance, Yoga, Dance, and Body Movement

    • 4th Period Electives: Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Dance, Soccer, Swimming, Surfing, Tennis, and Visual Arts​​.

What is the difference between Elite, Intermediate, and Beginner courses?

Elite athletes are comprised of campers who are actively involved in sports and activities in their school or communities. These campers may already be on their JV or Varsity teams at their school. 

Our intermediate track is for those athletes who have some experience with organized sports. This experience can range from club, junior varsity, etc... These athletes have the athletic background, but perhaps lack the skills and knowledge to work on their game outside of the season or outside of the confines off the field/gymnasium. These athletes may struggle with their weight, diet choices, or staying in game shape year round. Our intermediate athletes may also be athletes who want to go from making the team to making the starting lineup. 

Beginner athletes are comprised of athletes who are just beginning their active lifestyle journey. These athletes may not play any sports or have no affiliation with exercise in their daily lives. 

Ultimately campers decide which track they want to pursue and can switch if they ever feel like that track is not right for them or that they have outgrown it while at camp.   


My child is not very active and does not want to be playing on a field all day?

  • At Camp New Heights each camper will have the opportunity to pick “elective” courses for the two periods a day that they will be comfortable with. There are many activities that will be conducted indoors and outdoors to meet the needs of each camper. A camper who is not typically very active at home will have time to acclimate to a more active lifestyle and be given the opportunity to try lots of different activities to help them find their niche. 


My camper is an athlete, how will the activities be programmed to
challenge them?

  • At Camp New Heights there will be a special program for Sports Performance Training. This will be facilitated by a retired NFL player who specializes in training
    of campers in the age groups that are allowed to attend.

elite & beginnger courses

What to bring

What to pack or what is the necessary attire?

  • Once you register, we will provide you with a packing checklist along with other important information about Camp.


What if I need additional clothing for camp?

  • At Camp New Heights we want the campers to be focused on reaching their new height and not what fashion is being worn. Camp New Heights will provide the shirts and shorts for each camper. If you would like to purchase additional Camp Attire you will be able to do so during the move in day.


Is my child required to have spending money?

  • No, it is not necessary for your child to have spending money. We will take care of all your campers programmatic needs. Campers are given the opportunity to go shopping and explore on State Street in Santa Barbara. Trips to State Street do not require money, but campers do enjoy downtown Santa Barbara and all that it has to offer. If you wish to send your camper with money it is best done through a prepaid debit card.

Communication with the Campers

How do I communicate with my child during camp?

  • You will be able to communicate with your camper via computer, tablet or cell phone during the coordinated times.


What is your cell phone policy?

  • Camp New Heights is focused on maximizing the experience for each camper without outside distractions. To that end, we will limit the usage of cell phones, tablets and computers during the first week. We will distribute cell phones to campers on during coordinated phone time (Saturday Nights). Campers will have their phones from approximately 6pm Saturday to 8am on Sunday. Please understand that campers will not have their phones from the Sunday that they arrive until the night of the first Saturday they are at camp. 

How do I send care packages to campers?

  • We provide a very specific list of the items that the campers will need to bring. If there is an urgent matter you can send to the camp office onsite at UCSB. A P.O. box address will be provided will be sent out to parents during the first week of camp each year. 


How do I make a deposit?

  • Each participant will be required to a 10% deposit for the session that they choose. The deposit will be applied to the balance that will be due 90 days before your camp session begins. We accept checks and pay-pal for the deposit and final payment. A fee to apply for any returned checks.


What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations 90 days prior to the starting session will be refunded 100%. 60 days prior will be refunded at 50%. 

What happens if my child tests positive for Covid-19 while at camp?

  • Per the university policy, your child will be isolated within the dormotories and need to be picked up within 24 hours of the positive test. 

What is the male to female ratio of staff members?

  • Camp New Heights strives to achieve a diverse staff that has a 1:1 male to female staff ratio. 

What if I need financial assistance to attend Camp New Heights? 

  • Camp New Heights is committed to providing an incredible summer camp experience for all. For information regarding scholarships for campers, please email our director (  

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