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Camp New Heights has been a revelation for my daughter. The campers are always engaged in any number of activities. The camp continues to innovate each year and their addition of SAT prep was great. My daughter is not only gaining valuable knowledge on exercise and nutrition, but she's also getting great prep for the SAT/ACT. Every year my daughter gets excited to return to camp and jump right into the university setting, which has helped her realize what it is like to be living in a college dorm and prepared her for the college life. The staff are great and truly care about the well/being of each camper. I simply can't recommend Camp New Heights enough.  

- Patricia P 

Camp New Heights was a fantastic opportunity for my daughter. The program offered physical fitness training, nutritional education, academic prep for SAT and ACT and team building exercises. Upon returning home from camp, she is more motivated and disciplined. I would highly recommend this camp to parents who are looking for a program that develops the "whole child".  

– Lesa Jones

My son attended Camp New Heights this summer and he didn't want to leave when we came to pick him up. My son really enjoyed the staff and the relationships he formed with them. At first, he said all the campers were nervous, but by the end of it he had made friendships that would last a lifetime. My son left camp changed, not just down 25 pounds, but with a whole new attitude toward food and healthy lifestyle. 

– Emma Sanchez

My son attended Camp New Heights this summer, and loved it so much. It taught him about making healthy food choices, physical fitness, and how he could continue his journey upon returning home. My son attended all 6 weeks and was never bored, every 2 weeks he was able to change his classes and try something new. The counselors were very welcoming and loving, anytime I needed to communicate with them they answered my questions in a timely manner. My son continues to be very motivated on his journey of a healthy life style, that it has encouraged the whole family to join him. I would definitely send my son to Camp New Heights again.

– Ana Jaramillo

My son just got home from 6 weeks at this camp. He had a wonderful time. The counselors and kids really bonded and seemed to create a "family". There was so much positive energy there. My son has learned a lot about nutrition and exercise. He struggles with his weight and has food issues. I loved that their focus wasn't on how much he weighed/lost but on teaching proper nutrition and exposing him to activities and exercises that he can enjoy to encourage an active lifestyle. Communication was excellent. Every promise they made was kept. When I dropped him off he was upset and didn't want to stay. When I picked him up, he was upset and didn't want to leave! And we have already heard from a couple of counselors checking in on him!!! I can't say enough about this camp! I strongly recommend it!! 

– Beth Hess