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June 21-Aug 1

Santa Barbara, CA


Camp New Heights is a two, four or six week overnight summer program for campers aged 9 through 17, located in Santa Barbara, California. Programs are personalized to fit individual needs with the focus of helping each camper build a better version of themselves and reach new heights. While at camp, they can enjoy the independence of a college-style living experience and world-class counselors and staff. We believe that regardless of your skill level (beginner or an advanced athlete), everyone can reach new heights.

3 Program Tracks. Which One Are You?



  • Little to no experience with athletics.

  • Looking to learn about nutrition, health, and exercise principles.

  • Eager to see how much you can improve your physical skills and general health.

  • Looking for an edge with your health and life.

  • Excited to spend your summer on the beautiful California coast.


  • Some athletic experience (club/school)

  • Looking to learn about nutrition to help maximize athletic potential 

  • Learn about exercise and physiology to be able to train on and off the field 

  • Learn the skills and tools to get in better shape and prepare for the upcoming season


  • Very experienced in organized athletics.

  • Looking to work with world-class performance coaches and trainers.

  • Interested in giving yourself a performance advantage with your school or club teams.

  • Eager to give yourself a lifelong edge with little known training and nutrition secrets.






Comprised of athletes who are just beginning their
active lifestyle journey


Beginner Competitive Swimming


Keep that head down and blow out your nose! Swimming is a tremendous workout and a lifetime sport. You will learn how to utilize the front-crawl/freestyle stroke and make that next beach day a time to flaunt your awesome swimming skills.

Our Staff

The safety, happiness and well-being of our campers is of utmost importance to us. At Camp New Heights, we believe that a successful camp experience begins with the staff. Our camp leadership are CPR-trained, certified teachers (e.g., nutritionists, certified lifeguards) in their field of expertise and are trained to handle campers at all age levels.

Stephen Bean


Stephen is a former physical education teacher and athletic director who previously worked extensively throughout schools in Southern California. Hailing from Boulder Colorado, he is an avid triathlete and endurance athlete.


Stephen is a founding member of Camp New Heights, and his enthusiasm in educating youth in health and wellness is unparalleled. 


"A well rounded education should most certainly include nutrition, exercise, physiology, and cooking. I am here to help facilitate and provide campers with the tools and skills necessary to lead an active and healthy lifestyle both inside and outside of camp."

JT Thompson

Director of Sports and Human Performance

JT is a former Division 1 collegiate student-athlete. A graduate from The University of Louisiana at Monroe. JT was a 3x All-Conference, All-Louisiana selection during his career. Which led him to gain experience in the NFL, CFL and AFL football leagues as a Defense Back.


A Director of Sports Performance down in South Florida, JT has rapidly become one of the areas top performance specialists. JT has trained many Professional Athletes in All-Sports, along with some of the top high school teams and all sport youth leagues in the area. JT also has years of experience directing youth and high school skill camps all over the country. He is also the founder of JT’s Sports Performance with a vision of “Getting You Better Everyday”.

Montrell Britton


Montrell is a youth educator, professional dancer, and outdoor education instructor. He was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. 


Montrell has been educating youth through the art of dance, music, and outdoor education since 2010. He was featured on season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance (Stage vs. Street). Following the conclusion of the show, he joined the show's European tour in 2016. 

"My mission is to strive to form our youth to become better leaders of today and tomorrow. At camp I'm seeking to increase camper's awareness of their bodies through athleticism, performance, and nutrition. I believe the Camp New Heights program elevates mental, physical, and emotional health."

Connor Lavan


Connor is a youth mentor/baseball instructor from New Jersey who has collected an impressive array of camp experiences dating back to 2016. His most recent venture was as an outdoor educator, working with schools in and around Northern NJ to develop valuable team building skills. He draws from a deep well of information when it comes to baseball and basketball, having been around the sports from a young age.


Connor has a love for learning new sports and is a self proclaimed music nerd. He currently volunteers with the State Theatre of New Jersey as well as the Asbury Park Music Foundation, and has volunteered at music festivals throughout the country. His love for adventure has even brought him as far as Scotland, playing basketball for the University of Glasgow while taking a term abroad.


“I take pride in the work I do at Camp New Heights, as I truly believe in the mission of providing campers with the knowledge and guidance necessary to make their own healthy lifestyle changes. It was an absolute joy to me to see campers growing before my eyes last summer, turning to each other for motivation and supporting each other's goals as if they were their own. As an educator, my aim is to be a role model, but more importantly a resource campers can look to for support in their own unique goals on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.”

Peter Alton


Peter has always been passionate about 2 things: sports and helping others.  This has shown up in many ways throughout his life, from playing and coaching sports to working in outdoor education and after school programs.  Soccer is at the center of Peter's love of sports having played since he was young and having coached since he was a senior in high school.


Peter currently runs an after school program at a middle school in San Diego, where he was born and raised.  He loves helping the next generation to succeed and grow in all things he does.  Peter has previous camp experience as an outdoor educator in Julian, Ca and has coached a wide array of sports from the rec level all the way up to the high school varsity level.



"I am very excited for the opportunity to join the Camp New Heights team and share in this journey with all of the campers.  I look forward to getting the opportunity to share my knowledge of the game and passion for soccer with those I coach.  I am very passionate about helping kids to grow and achieve their goals and look forward to the opportunity to do that both on and off the field."

Anna Maggio

Youth Activity Leader (Visual Arts)

Anna is from Boulder, Colorado. She currently studies Natural Resource Tourism at Colorado State University. Anna grew up attending a multitude of outdoor camps and fell in love with the experience. Anna began working with kids as a nanny during the summers and eventually traveled to Fiji with a program through National Geographic, where the main focus was living alongside a community and working with local children. She has a passion for photography and has been seriously involved with the medium for five years, which culminated with her working in an art museum. Anna has a great appreciation for the way art can impact an individuals view on the world. In addition to art, Anna has experience in mediums like drawing, painting, and several others. Anna aspires to work in sustainability with the intention to incorporate her love for working with people and the arts.


"After seeing the way art can have a positive impact on someones mental and emotional health, it has become apparent to me that it is an essential part of growth, especially among kids. My goal is to inspire kids to be creative, find a unique outlet through which they can express themselves and as a result improve their overall well-being. I am excited to see the positive and sometimes underrated influence art can have on all the campers and can't wait to be part of their wellness journey."

Carly Innis

Youth Activity Leader (Swimming)

Carly Innis is a native Californian who loves to actively experience the outdoors to maintain a healthy body and state of mind. Whether it’s snorkeling in the Southern California ocean, or cooling off after a hike with a jump in an alpine lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains, she always finds herself drawn to the water. Growing up in the Central Valley, Carly first joined a local swim team at the age of four and has competitively participated in aquatic sports ever since. She was a member of the University of California San Diego’s Nationally ranked NCAA Water Polo team throughout her four years of college while earning her degree in Environmental Systems. Since graduating, she has been working at a sixth-grade outdoor science school teaching students the importance of the natural world. Additionally, she has numerous years of experience coaching kids of all ages in both swimming and water polo. Though aquatic sports can be challenging, Carly strongly believes that swimming is an important life skill for everyone to learn.


"My goal is to help the youth lead a fun and healthy lifestyle while further developing their abilities in the pool. Both competitively and recreationally, swimming can enrich your health and your life. It has provided many amazing experiences for me, and I am excited for the opportunity at Camp New Heights to help kids build their confidence in the water so that they have the skills to take them wherever they hope to go."

Gordon Roach

Youth Activity Leader (Yoga & Surfing)

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