Summer Camp

June 19-July 30

Santa Barbara, CA


Camp New Heights is a two, four, or six week overnight summer program for campers aged 9 through 17, located in Santa Barbara, California. Programs are personalized to fit individual needs with the focus of helping each camper build a better version of themselves and reach new heights. While at camp, they can enjoy the independence of a college-style living experience and world-class counselors and staff. We believe that regardless of your skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete), everyone can reach new heights. Camp New Heights is the preeminent California summer camp experience. 

3 Program Tracks. Which One Are You?



  • Little to no experience with athletics.

  • Looking to learn about nutrition, health, and exercise principles.

  • Eager to see how much you can improve your physical skills and general health.

  • Looking for an edge with your health and life.

  • Interested in healthy weight loss and management


  • Some athletic experience (club/school)

  • Looking to learn about nutrition to help maximize athletic potential 

  • Learn about exercise and physiology to be able to train on and off the field 

  • Learn the skills and tools to get in better shape and prepare for the upcoming season


  • Very experienced in organized athletics.

  • Looking to work with world-class performance coaches and trainers.

  • Interested in giving yourself a performance advantage with your school or club teams.

  • Eager to give yourself a lifelong edge with little known training and nutrition secrets.

Camp New Heights is located in Santa Barbara at the beautiful University of California, Santa Barbara campus. Campers will reside in the Santa Catalina dormitories and utilize collegiate level facilities.



We will customize the program to best fit the need of your camper. In general, Monday through Fridays consist of four (4) activities that are interactive, fun and focused towards their New Height Goals. Two (2) of their daily activities are with the group and two (2) elective activities will be the ones the campers selected from the optional courses list that gives them an opportunity for personal development. Group activities will be focused on physiology, building strength, proper form, techniques, and recovery. Creating community and support within the campers is instrumental, so to build camp culture, there will be group activities after dinner for all the campers to enjoy.

Saturday will consist of excursions that stimulate campers and expose them to different sites around the Campus or within the Southern California area.

Sunday will be a day of 3 R’s (rest, relaxation and recovery) for campers’ minds and bodies. Sunday features or nutrition class and grocery store challenge, time to do laundry and general free-time.





Comprised of athletes who are just beginning their
active lifestyle journey


Beginner Competitive Swimming


Keep that head down and blow out your nose! Swimming is a tremendous workout and a lifetime sport. You will learn how to utilize the front-crawl/freestyle stroke and make that next beach day a time to flaunt your awesome swimming skills.

Our Staff

The safety, happiness and well-being of our campers is of utmost importance to us. At Camp New Heights, we believe that a successful camp experience begins with the staff. Our camp leadership are CPR-trained, certified teachers (e.g., nutritionists, certified lifeguards) in their field of expertise and are trained to handle campers at all age levels.


Stephen Bean

Executive Director

Stephen is a former physical education teacher and athletic director who previously worked in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Stephen hails from Boulder, Colorado where he lives with his wife and son. Stephen is an avid amateur triathlete and endurance athlete. 


Stephen is a founding member of Camp New Heights, and his enthusiasm in educating youth about health and wellness is unparalleled. 


"We started this camp because we believed that there is a gap in the educational system that has pushed exercise and nutrition to the wayside. I believe that Camp New Heights provides campers of all abilities the opportunity to try new things in a judgement free atmosphere. We're not a traditional camp and we plan on evolving every year to continually meet the wants and needs of our campers."


JT Thompson

Director of Sports and Human Performance

JT is a former Division 1 collegiate student-athlete. A graduate from The University of Louisiana at Monroe. JT was a 3x All-Conference, All-Louisiana selection during his career. Which led him to gain experience in the NFL, CFL and AFL football leagues as a Defense Back.


A Director of Sports Performance down in South Florida, JT has rapidly become one of the areas top performance specialists. JT has trained many Professional Athletes in All-Sports, along with some of the top high school teams and all sport youth leagues in the area. JT also has years of experience directing youth and high school skill camps all over the country. He is also the founder of JT’s Sports Performance with a vision of “Getting You Better Everyday”.


Montrell Britton


Montrell is a youth educator, professional dancer, and outdoor education instructor. He was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. 


Montrell has been educating youth through the art of dance, music, and outdoor education since 2010. He was featured on season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance (Stage vs. Street). Following the conclusion of the show, he joined the show's European tour in 2016. 


"My mission is to strive to form our youth to become better leaders of today and tomorrow. At camp I'm seeking to increase camper's awareness of their bodies through athleticism, performance, and nutrition. I believe the Camp New Heights program elevates mental, physical, and emotional health."


Eliza Kingsford

Behavior and Nutrition Coach

Eliza Kingsford is the preeminent voice in the youth wellness, nutrition, and weight loss space. She has spent years cultivating her unique clinical  approach to working with kids that facilitates lasting change. Eliza has many years of experience in the camp industry through her extensive work at Wellspring Camps and Empowered Wellness. 

Eliza is a licensed psychotherapist trained in clinical psychology, Neuro Emotional Technique [NET], and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) methodologies. Her book Brain-Powered Weight Loss is a best seller and highlights the mind-body connection for when, why and how we choose food. She has trained hundreds of clinicians in her field and is regularly tapped to speak on topics like the science of behavior change, healthy body image, weight management techniques and more.


"My superpower is quickly and accurately getting to the root of what is holding you back from all that you want in relation to your weight and your body.  I can see obstacles clearly and can quickly decipher what tools you'll need to be able to overcome them; giving you tangible, sustainable solutions towards living in a body you love - permanently."


Victoria Garcia-Ojeda

Youth Activity Leader

Victoria is currently a sophomore at Arizona State University. Victoria is a former Camp New Heights camper and has a passion about fitness and nutrition. 

Victoria swam for her high school swim team in Tucson, Arizona. Victoria competed in the 50 meter free, 100 meter free, and 200 meter relay. Victoria's team won the Arizona Regional Qualifier in 2019. 

Victoria's enthusiasm, out-going personality, and passion for helping campers is what makes her an outstanding staff member. We're excited to have Victoria return for her second year as a staff member. 


Daniel Manriquez

Youth Activity Leader

Daniel is a two time Camp New Heights alumni who is joining our staff. Daniel was in the advanced Camp New Heights program for his freshmen and sophomore years of high school. Daniel parlayed the skills he obtained from camp to become a recruited baseball player during his high school years. Daniel is currently a freshmen at Cal State, Los Angeles.

Daniel's high school OBP was an impressive .483 and he has dabbled in pitching with several relief pitching appearances throughout his high school career. 

Daniel's demeanor and uplifting nature make him an extremely warming presence at camp. His ability to elevate himself while simultaneously uplifting his peers and students is impressive. Daniel's demeanor and commitment to the Camp New Heights mission make him a great addition to our team.


Isain Minero 

Youth Activity Leader

Isain is a Camp New Heights alumni who attended camp in 2018. Isain came to camp with an incredibly positive attitude and quickly became a leader among his peers. His success at camp lead to his successful senior year in which he was able to tryout and make the competitive CIF division one soccer team at his school. Isain is currently a junior at Mission College.

Isain's positivity and tireless work ethic made him a favorite of teammates and fans alike. He helped lead his team to the CIF division I tournament, which is the highest level of high school soccer in the Los Angeles area. He has continued to play soccer in his free time as he pursues his degree at Mission College. 

Isain brings with him the experience of having attended Camp New Heights and having been extremely successful in transforming his lifestyle as a result. He possesses a level of optimism and level-headedness that is inviting to all and brings out the best in everyone who encounters him. 


Patti Hany

Bus Driver

Patti is a transportation specialist with years of experience in transporting passengers safely. Patti has experience in both public transit and university transit systems. Patti has an infectiously positive attitude that uplifts everyone around her. Her combination of wit, charm, and safe driving make her an essential part of the Camp New Heights team. 


Camp New Heights Staff


Camp New Heights is and industry leader in staff acquisition. We pride ourselves on a highly competitive and intense interview process. We strive to assemble a diverse staff that has a 1:1 male to female staff ratio. Keep checking back throughout the year to see our new staff members as they are added to our roster. 


5944 Coral Ridge Drive Box 242

Coral Springs, Florida 33076

Tel: (805) 364 0170

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