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2023 Registration is Open

It seems like just yesterday that we had our last camper picked up and dropped our last camper at the airport before closing our doors on the 2022 season. It seems that time has flown by and here we are ready to open registration for 2023 and begin our latest chapter.

We had a tremendously successful 2022, but it certainly wasn't without it's challenges. We've taken what we've learned from the previous years and continue to build and improve our offerings to ensure the most impactful program for our campers.

A few changes that are coming for the upcoming year include:

-Nutrition class moving to Wednesday mornings to ensure more time to review and giving Sunday's grocery store challenge more time to thrive.

-The addition of a volleyball class to the curriculum

-Adding a Counselor in Training (CIT) program to our program offerings. Learn more on our FAQ's page.

-The promotion of many longtime staff members into new leadership roles

The dates have changed slightly as UCSB has adjusted their academic calendar. So everything has shifted about a week later from previous years. The session dates are as follows:

Session 2W1 2 weeks (6/25/2023-7/9/2023)

Session 2W2 2 weeks (7/2/2023-7/16/2023)

Session 2W3 2 weeks (7/9/2023-7/23/2023)

Session 2W4 2 weeks (7/16/2023-7/30/2023)

Session 2W5 2 weeks (7/23/2023-8/5/2023)

Session 4W1 4 weeks (6/25/2023-7/23/2023)

Session 4W2 4 weeks (7/2/2023-7/30/2023)

Session 4W3 4 weeks (7/9/2023-8/5/2023)

Session 6W1 6 weeks (6/25/2023-8/5/2023)

We're excited to welcome both new and returning campers back to campus on 6/25/23.

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