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Camp New Heights Ranked as the Number One Weight Loss Camp for Kids and Teens by

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

It's always an honor to be recognized for the hard work and determination we have put in to make Camp New Heights worthy of being ranked number one by on their list: 11 Best Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens.

While we are way more than simply a "Weight Loss Camp", we certainly appreciate the honor. As many of you know, Camp New Heights is a fitness and nutrition camp that caters to kids and teens of all ability levels. Our beginner division many times has a high concentration of campers who are focused on weight loss, but moving a number on on a scale is not something we live by in our ideology. We strive to help all campers build an intrinsic motivation towards their health and wellness that will live on far beyond the weeks a camper spends at camp.

Fitstays defines camps on the list as follows:

"A “fat camp” is the common name for an all-inclusive weight loss summer camp for kids, teens, and young adults. Children who may be struggling with obesity, body image issues, or self esteem concerns due to their weight may benefit from a weight loss camp. These camps work through a dedicated program of diet, exercise, and education. Most camps offer a one- or two-week session, but campers may prefer to stay for multiple weeks at a time. Some weight loss camps may offer sessions that span most of the summer."

We are by no means a "fat camp" We believe terms like "fat camp" are outdated and archaic. Camps that still utilize the term "fat camp" are showing their age and disregard for the true health and well-being of their campers. We are a fitness and nutrition camp that offers a specialized curriculum for each camper's needs. We have some campers who come to camp looking to lose weight and others who want to increase their physical capabilities to help them make a school or rec sports team. We cast a large net at Camp New Heights and while we will not be boxed in by outdated terms, we welcome any new campers who are looking to manage their weight in a healthy way.

Camp New Heights offers far more than simply weight loss and we have several divisions to meet these needs:


Our beginner division is designed for campers who may not have much experience in sports or exercise in general. These campers may be searching for an active outlet, struggling with their weight, self-esteem, or just want to gain knowledge about how to live a healthy lifestyle. These campers will be exposed to an extensive amount of exercises that they can take home and do with or without a gym facility.

The beginner group will be exposed to vast amounts of information regarding nutrition, physiology, recovery, smart grocery shopping, and cooking classes. Campers will leave camp with tons of self-confidence and knowledge to continue their healthy lifestyle journey long after camp ends.

If a camper is seeking to lose weight, they will gain the skills and tools necessary to lose weight in a healthy and manageable way. Our weight loss methods are not only effective, but they set campers on a path to success that can be continued at home with their families.


Our intermediate track is for those athletes who have some experience with organized sports. This experience can range from club, junior varsity, etc... These athletes have the athletic background, but perhaps lack the skills and knowledge to work on their game outside of the season or outside of the confines off the field/gymnasium. These athletes may struggle with their weight, diet choices, or staying in game shape year round. Our intermediate athletes may also be athletes who want to go from making the team to making the starting lineup.

These athletes will develop skills to train year round and how to maximize their potential by utilizing our strength and conditioning program, nutritional information, physiology, and specialized skill training. These campers will leave camp not only in the best shape and ready to crush their upcoming season, but will have the skills and tools to construct and lead their own workouts while fueling properly with sharp nutritional skills to maximize their training and recovery.


Our advanced campers come to camp having experience playing organized sports. These athletes are looking to prepare for their upcoming seasons by training and refining their skills with our Director of Sports and Human Performance. The director has worked with athletes that range from middle school all the way to professional athletes. This program will work extensively with each athlete to refine their strength, speed, agility, and mental acuity to handle the rigors of varsity sports. Advanced campers work in the weight room, fields, track along with pool recovery. In addition to the regular schedule there is also an optional class in Sports and Human Performance which advanced campers can sign up for additional training maximizing the most of the daily schedule.

Advanced campers have maximum exposure to our Sports and Human Performance Director and work in the areas of speed, strength, agility, and mental preparedness to pursue the highest level of school athletics. Not only will the advanced campers work with an elite nationally recognized professional they will also gain vast amounts of information via nutrition classes, pre-meal nutritional breakdowns/mapping, smart grocery shopping, cooking classes and access to our SAT prep classes

So we truly appreciate the sentiments of and the reviewers of Camp New Heights, but we know that our reach is far beyond that of simply a "weight loss camp." We are here to provide campers of all abilities the skills to live a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

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