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Registration is Open!

It seems like it sneaks up every year, but here we are again. Coming off and amazing 2023 season, we're so excited to be back for 2024 with lots of new and exciting stuff on the horizon.

Every summer is unique and 2023 was no different. We continued to see tremendous growth among our campers and we're excited to continue this growth into 2024. The full launch of the CIT program was a tremendous success and the CIT's proved to be valuable additions to the team. The moving of nutrition class to Wednesday allowed us more time to dive into more advanced topics and have undivided attention of the campers. Our staff members that were promoted into leadership roles flourished and served as excellent leaders and role models for our campers. We're beyond excited to return all of our leadership staff from last year and we can't wait to build on last year's success.

The new additions for this year are as follows:

-Addition of a football elective class to fourth period

-Addition of a Dean of Culture to the leadership staff

The addition of the football class has long been demanded by our campers and we finally feel comfortable adding this class to our offerings. The class will work with campers to ensure that they have the strength, conditioning, footwork, and agility to hop on the field and be ready to get to work under any coach. I suspect this will be a very popular elective throughout the summer.

Adding a Dean of Culture came after a great amount of consideration was given to how to we best serve our campers from both a physical and mental standpoint. While our staff has always worked tirelessly to deliver on all of these fronts, we thought it was important to bring on someone dedicated to bridging the gap between physical and mental health. This position will continuously work at building camp culture, fostering relationships, and handling the ebbs and flows of daily emotions that come from working with teenagers. We are extremely proud to introduce this position and we think we've found the perfect person to fill this role.

The dates and rates for this summer can be found HERE.

We can't wait to see you this summer and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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