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Try Something New

When we were younger and had little to no experience in any sports, we would attempt any sport without blinking. As we age, we become more risk averse to trying new sports. Why are we afraid to try new sports and activities? It could be the fear of embarrassment. The fear of not being good at the sport or activity. The complacency to think that it's too late to try something new. Well, let's throw out those notions and go for it.

It's important to remember that at some point in history, the greatest athletes ever had never attempted their sport. There was a day where Michael Jordan picked up a basketball for the first time. It's important that we engage in sports and activities with an open mind and know that true potential may not exhibit itself on the first attempt.

Camp New Heights is comprised of our advanced and beginner groups. The advanced groups come to camp having played organized sports. The beginner group arrives at camp with little to no experience in organized sports and an active lifestyle. Camp provides the opportunity for both of these groups to grow and expand their interests.

The advanced group is provided with the tools to build strength, agility, and stamina that can be applied to their sport of choice. These tools allow for the camper to be a more refined athlete within their sport. Both the weightlifting first period course and the sports and human performance class provide these campers with an advantage to unlock high-end potential within their sport. The skills, drills, and routines learned from their course selection will give these campers the ability leave camp ready to shine at tryouts and during their sports respective season. Most importantly, these skills, drills, and routines can be brought home with these campers to continue their journey far beyond their stay at camp. These campers also have the opportunities to dip their toes into new sports and activities. We have seen several campers over the last few years that have discovered new interests in sports and activities like swimming, yoga, running, and many more.

The beginner group is provided with the opportunity to try new things and grow in a completely judgement free area. These campers will see tremendous transformations in their physiology and mindset. The first period strength and conditioning will allow these campers to see transformations and open them up to an active lifestyle that they never saw as possible. At camp these campers are offered a wide variety of choices of activities to participate in throughout the day. These campers from one week to the next can try and dip their toes in all sorts of activities. Whether a camper is trying yoga for the first time or strapping on a surfboard, the campers have a chance to try so many new things. In this open and judgement free area, campers are able to try things without any guilt or free of embarrassment. We see that the beginner campers return home with not only the tools to continue an active lifestyle, but they may have just found a niche that they really want to dedicate themselves to as a past time or extra curricular activity.

Let's allow ourselves and our campers to try new sports and activities without guilt. It's hard to know just how much fun something can be without ever attempting it. In the words of Chris Martin, "If you never try, you'll never know." At Camp New Heights, we'll always be empowering our campers to try new things.

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