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What's the Deal With First Period?

The Camp New Heights scheduled is jammed packed each day with tons of opportunities to grow and learn about physiology, nutrition, performance, and general health and wellness.

So obviously we all love waking up in the morning and going to breakfast, well maybe we like one of those things more than the other. After we fuel our bodies for the day ahead and make our way to campus, what's the first thing we do? We start with first period that is strength and conditioning. Both inside and outside the gym, the strength and conditioning program is designed by our Director of Sports and Human Performance. I won't waste my words in describing the amazing design of the first period, I'll let our Director of Sports and Human Performance speak for himself.

Hopefully that helps you get a better understanding of what first period entails, but truth be told you have to experience it for yourself. The impact of first period extends far beyond the weeks spent at camp. This class allows campers to go to a gym and have confidence in utilizing the equipment or the ability to create their own workout at home without a gym facility. In addition to the exercises inside and outside the weight room, you'll also receive recovery exercises every Wednesday that will help your body rest and recover from the previous days' hard workouts.

The legend of the first period class can be heard from any of our previous campers. The first period class is a game changer. The class not only teaches you about the equipment, exercise, and physiology, but this class is a huge self-esteem builder.

Sign up for Camp New Heights today to experience first period for yourself.

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