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Workout Within the Confines of Your Home

Many of us are quarantined, social distancing, or sheltered in place. This can make working out pretty tough given all of the constraints. We want to share with you a really simple Tabata workout that can be done at home with relatively little space and no equipment required.

Some quick background about the Tabata workout. The Tabata workout was developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata while at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Tabata devised his variation of a high-intensity interval training while testing two subject groups of athletes. One group represented the moderate group, their workouts consisted of five days a week for six weeks at a moderate intensity level. The second group was the high-intensity group, this group's workouts consisted of four workouts a week implemented the Tabata workout. By the end of the trial, the first group saw growth in their aerobic system, but no significant gains in their anaerobic system. The second group saw a more significant increase in aerobic fitness and a 28% increase in anaerobic fitness. So from this trial, it was seen that these high-intensity Tabata workouts were much more effective than their moderate intensity counterpart.

The Tabata workout consists of twenty seconds of high-intensity and then ten seconds of rest. This 20 second high-intensity/10 second rest interval is done for eight cycles (4 minutes). After completing the eight cycles, we move on to the next exercise in our Tabata. So in total, if this is done with no transition times, the total workout will consist of sixteen minutes.

So for our Tabata, we'll do these exercises:

1. Burpees

2. Skaters

3. Pushups

4. Leg Raises

The total workout will look as follows:

1. Burpees (20 seconds high-intensity/10 seconds rest for 8 cycles): 4 minutes

2. Skaters (20 seconds high-intensity/10 seconds rest for 8 cycles): 4 minutes

3. Pushups (20 seconds high-intensity/10 seconds rest for 8 cycles): 4 minutes

4. Leg Raises (20 seconds high-intensity/10 seconds rest for 8 cycles): 4 minutes

You can modify these workouts as you wish. You can stack on more cycles or change which exercises to use for the intervals.

Some great exercises that you can incorporate into your Tabata workouts include:


Mountain Climbers

Sprints (outdoors)




Jump Squats

Jump Lunges

Russian Twists

High Knees

Butt Kicks

and many more...

We utilize these workout in our first period class with our beginner and intermediate groups. Our campers are able to take these workouts home with them and utilize them without the need of any equipment. These workouts are designed to be done with no additional equipment or needing to go to a separate gym space.

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