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You Say You Want a Resolution, Well...

You say you got a real solution, well, you know, we'd all love to see the plan. While John Lennon was talking about revolutions, we're talking about New Year's resolutions. The most frequent resolution involves some type increased exercise, eating better, joining a fitness club, etc... The real question is how do we make these changes stick?

Camp New Heights is a health and wellness camp, which encompasses far more than merely exercise or weight management/loss. Our objectives at camp are to give our campers the skills and knowledge to be able to continue the lifestyle they develop at camp outside in their normal lives. The solutions to a healthy lifestyle are not a one-step fix, they require a combination of factors. If one were to exercise vigorously while simultaneously fueling with sub-par foods, individuals will not yield their maximum potential. Vice versa is true as well, you can't simply eat great foods and neglect exercise and expect great results.

Our entire goal at camp is to give our campers the skills and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle and be able to share that information with their family, friends, and community. We believe in making actionable changes that can be easily implemented. This is critically important for anyone seeking an achievable New Year's resolution. If you can't implement your resolution within your daily life, it's doomed to fail and leave you pining for change in 2021.

When making a resolution it should be easily implemented and actionable starting on January 1, 2020. So if your goal is to get into better shape in 2020, perhaps the 25 hours of personal training per week isn't realistic. If your goal is to eat better in 2020, maybe the all organic, non-GMO, zero sugar diet isn't feasible. The truth is that your goals don't need to be a 180 from your current lifestyle, improvement from where you are is progress. So if you don't exercise at all and commit to going to the gym or running three times a week, you're on your way. If you currently snack on Snickers bars and soda, switching to a whole-grain granola bar and water is progress. Celebrate the progress because whether your journey is a thousand miles or ten miles, traveling five miles is making progress.

You can see our belief in progress played out in our camp logo. No matter where you start, growth is growth and it should be celebrated. Make your resolutions for 2020 with the ideology that progress is progress.

Happy new year to everyone, here's to a great 2020.

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