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An Interview With Our New Assistant Director: Isain Minero

Isain was once a scared 17 year old camper coming to camp for the first time. It was easy to see that Isain was a wonderful person and a natural born leader. Isain exuded confidence, but confided in the staff that he wanted to lose weight so that he could try out for his high school’s soccer team. We set out to give him the best route to go about his goals. Isain became a leader among his peers in advocating for his food choices and never gave less than his best in any workout. He never starved himself, but simply made great food choices. Isain ended up staying with us for the entire six week summer session and left down 40+ pounds. We weren’t so concerned about the number on the scale, but we were delighted to hear him comment on how comfortable he felt running, on his ability to breath easier, sleep better, and how he generally felt better doing everyday things. This tangible feeling for him reinforced the choices he made. It was so reassuring to hear from him during the middle of his senior year of high school that he not only had tried out for the team, but was selected to be on the highly competitive CIF division I school team.

Isain seemed like a perfect candidate to work at Camp New Heights following his graduation from high school. He graduated in 2019 and came to work for Camp New Heights in 2021. It was evident within the first few days that Isain was a complete Rockstar among the campers and staff. Isain's skills to lead and provide an incredible camp experience are unmatched.

Fast forward to 2023 and Isain will be entering his third year working at Camp New Heights, but his first year as the Assistant Director. We are confident that he will continue to deliver for all campers in providing an unforgettable summer camp experience.

Interviewer: Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with Camp New Heights?

Isain: I was raised in Pacoima CA and still reside there. In my spare time I like to play soccer, volleyball, and ride my bike. A must when I’m not doing that is spending time with my friends and family. This will be my 3rd year coming back to work at Camp New Heights. Prior to working at camp, I attended Camp New heights in 2018 as a camper and have the memories and experiences that I still cherish till this day thanks to CNH.

Interviewer: What are your goals for 2023?

Isain: My goals for 2023 is to get to travel with my friends for the first time together. Also, I want to continue working on bettering my self both physically and mentally.

Interviewer: What's something you want every camper to know about you?

Isain: I want every camper to know that I am a very great listener and if you need a ear to listen I am always available.

Interviewer: What motivates you to wake up every morning at 6:55am at camp?

Isain: Realizing that my job is to get up every morning and better myself and the future generation. It’s an awesome experience and I am beyond grateful that I get to impact campers each day.

Interviewer: After this summer what's something you hope your staff and campers would say about you?

Isain: That he tried his best to make sure my summer was memorable.

Interviewer: What's your favorite area in Santa Barbara/Goleta?

Isain: Disc golf course, 100%

Interviewer: Way too early predictions for song of the summer (2023)?

Isain: Electric feel - MGMT

Interviewer: What's your favorite period at camp?

Isain: My favorite period would have to be 2nd period which is our team sport. Why? Well, because I got to see how campers learn/use teamwork with their peers and staff. This serves as a great vehicle for them to get to know each other throughout their time with us.

Interviewer: What's your favorite activity outside of camp to stay active?

Isain: I have always had bicycles growing up and this last summer I decided to buy a new one. Since then I’ve loved it. I ride home from work sometimes, but mostly ride on my days off.

Interviewer: What's your favorite memory from all of your years at Camp New Heights?

Isain: My favorite Camp New Heights memory has to be last year after the camp Olympics the campers and the staff team up together to catch Bean and soak him with our buckets of water.

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