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Camp Memories

Camp is tailor-made to create memories, so what are some of our previous campers favorite memories? Well, don't let me tell the story, let's hear from them. We put out a call on Instagram to find out:

"My favorite memory would definitely be the very first day of our camping trip where many campers and I sat down and listened to a councilors life stories. It helped us understand how each of us come from a different background but with many similarities. I later was able to help prepare the patties with another camper!! Overall I got really close to some campers and built lasting friendships."

"My favorite memory from camp was also camping. One specific part of camping that was my favorite was when a couple of my fellow campers sat down to talk with one of our favorite counselors. We listened to all of his funny and inspiring life stories all while enjoying the nice views, good food, and being in each other’s presence!"

"My favorite memories have to be the nights we would play the friendship/teamwork games and really get to know each other!! I feel like we really opened up during those times and it was just a really smooth and fun way to end the evening😌"

"Honestly my favorite memory was meeting new people. Like my roommate Monsee, the afternoon get togethers would allow us to know each other more and I looked forward to them because everyday was different."

"I have a lot of favorite memories, and even though all of them are special to me, my recent one that I like to look back on is chilling in my room with my roommate Bedolla and just messing around and having deep talks, fun talks, crazy talks lol. Camp is amazing, but doing it with people you connect with, makes it even better :)"

"I have so many favorite memories, but if i had to choose two it’d be the zip lining trip and tennis. It was so much fun to be out there with so many new friends like Megan and Yvonne, I had so much fun boding with them. I also really loved tennis with Victoria, Chels really made us work and me and Victoria had so much fun bonding." "One of my favorite memories at camp was during our free period at night when we would go down to the game room, or outside to play volleyball with people from other camps and programs! Also when JT came and played cards with us and taught us new card games! Another favorite memory is when we went camping and the road trip up to Sequoia! You guys threw a fake snake in our tent!!!!!!" "One of my favorite memories from camp was the zip lining trip where we even tried to get the beanbag into the buckets and when we were at the beach volleyball courts playing the pool noodle game blindfolded. It was a really fun 2 weeks full of bonding, activities, and learning how to build a healthy lifestyle :))" "My favorite memory was probably knowing that I could walk into the office any time and trust in Bean with anything and that they were able to trust me. out of all the excursions, learning under the best of the best, making new friendships, etc... That was always my favorite. just knowing i had a safe space and a great relationship with the director because he introduced me to the balance of health and wellness and he truly changed my life for the better by introducing this camp to me."

"TOO MANY TO KEEP TRACK OF!!! Laughing my face off with every single person! Or when Jeronimo did a 5 minute wall sit!!! Making Caitlyn, Bedolla, and Ana run on state street to not be late for Fourth of July fireworks!!! Waking up in the middle of the night when we went camping with Nicole and looking at the crazy amounts of stars at Sequoia National park!! Too many! Excited for more 😎" "Out of all my great memories at camp, my favorite would have to be the late night activities where we would all get to know each other on a deeper level. I feel like I got to connect with everyone and it made all the memories much more fun since we were all getting comfortable with each other. Also, when Connor humbled Gizzy and I when we had our home run derby."

We pride ourselves on creating an experience that delivers an incredible amount of information on nutrition, exercise, physiology, and lifestyle choices. That being said, the number one objective of camp is to deliver an experience that is fun and creates memories that will last a lifetime. We believe that our ability to build and foster a caring community only feeds into the dynamic of creating lifelong memories. So many great memories, we can't wait to make more.

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