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Meet Our 2020 Staff

Every year we strive to assemble an elite staff that is second to none. This task involves thousands of applications and over 100 hours of interviews. We have said previously that it's harder to become a Camp New Heights staff member than it is to get into Harvard. Our Harvard claim continues to hold true:

Harvard Acceptance Rate: 5.2%

Camp New Heights Acceptance Rate: 0.2% (10 staff members derived from 4231 applications)

Our staff works as a well-oiled machine to deliver an elite summer camp experience. Our staff members work closely with each camper and help us shape every summer experience. We guarantee a 5-1 camper to staff ratio. By keeping our ratio extremely low, we find that our community bond is incredibly strong. The camaraderie created by having such a deep cultural and community bond is immense.

The 2020 Staff Lineup:

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