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The Countdown Workout #workoutwednesday

We're back for #workoutwednesday number four. In this week's workout we'll be doing the countdown workout. For this workout we'll utilize four exercises:

1. Push-ups

2. Squats

3. Lying Hip Raises

4. Twisting Lunges

The countdown will start at ten. So the first round of exercises we'll do ten repetitions of each exercise. After completing the first round, we'll then complete a second round of nine repetitions of each exercise. We will continue counting down until the final round of one repetition.

The form with these exercises are super important and our Director of Sports and Human Performance (JT Thompson) leads our campers in first period to make sure that the form is perfect. At Camp New Heights we're not just trying to teach our campers these exercises, we're aiming to give them the tools to execute these exercises properly, understand the physiology of the exercise, and the ability to build their own workout routine upon returning home. Our Director of Sports and Human performance is a former NFL athlete and has worked with kids of all ages and abilities.

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