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Workout Wednesday #5 (Card Core Workout)

Hey everybody, we're back with our fifth edition of #workoutwednesday from our at home workout series. This series is a great way to stay active with some really simple at home workouts. At Camp New Heights you'll not only learn about physiology, nutrition, exercise and so much more, you'll also gain the skills and tools to develop your own at home workouts.

This week's workout is the card core workout. For this exercise you'll need a deck of cards. For this workout each suit will be assigned a different exercise. For our purposes, the suits will have the following exercises associated with them:

Spades: Planks (30 seconds)

Clubs: Plank Taps (10 taps)

Diamonds: Push-ups (10 push-ups)

Hearts: Bicycle Crunches (10 crunches)

After properly shuffling the deck of cards, you can begin pulling cards from the top of the deck. Depending on what card you pull, you will do the corresponding exercise. I suggest doing at least ten cards for a good workout, but you can always pull more than that if you feel that you still have the stamina to keep going.

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