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Workout Wednesday (Coin Flip Workout)

Back for our sixth edition of #workoutwednesday. This week we're utilizing the coin flip workout. For this workout you'll need a coin and that's about it. The coin sides will correspond to the following exercises:

Heads: 5 Pushups (Modifications available in the video)

Tails: 10 Leg Raises

2 consecutive heads: 5 Bird Dogs (5 on each side)

2 consecutive tails: 5 Lying Hip Raises

This is a very simple and straightforward workout, but the beauty is that you can determine how long or short the workout lasts. You can set aside ten minutes and flip the coin and perform the exercises as many times as possible in the allotted time or determine a number of flips that you'll perform.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these quarantine times. We appreciate all of the inquiries from our returning and prospective families. We are still moving forward with our program this summer. If this situation changes, we will certainly let all of our families know immediately. We are excited to serve all of our families this summer with a program that can transform our campers through health and wellness.

Please refer to our Coronavirus blog post to read more about our 100% refund policy regarding Coronavirus cancellations.

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